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Let us start by saying you’ll love our crackers whether you have them with cheese, olives, or on their lonesome. Heck, have them with dirt and we’re sure you’d still like them. But in case you want to get bougie with things, we’ve got some pairing suggestions for you.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Salty and sweet is just about everything you want in a cracker pairing. A cheese like Gouda goes with our Himalayan Sea Salt crackers like Brad goes with Angelin… oh, this is awkward, perhaps in old times. You see, the caramel or butterscotch flavours of the cheese work harmoniously with the salty-ness of our Sea Salt Crackers. Cheese candy is what we like to call it. Heard that before? Us either… but it sounds good. This combo really is the ultimate pairing – the perfect balance of salty and sweet.


For our drool-worthy Rosemary Crackers a beetroot dip is a great accompaniment. The sweet yet earthy notes of beetroot pair perfectly with the savoury-ness of the rosemary. Unlike Brangelina, they marry together beautifully. When it comes to cheese, we recommend something a little on the subtle side. You know, something that’s not going to take away from the star of the show. A soft Cheddar or Camembert is ideal as it allows the rosemary flavour to really sing.


Our Chilli crackers are for our friends who need some spice in their life, or contrary to that, who can handle a bit of kick. These spicy numbers are great with hummus and if you don’t like hummus, then shame on you. Otherwise, a soft goats cheese works beautifully as well. The unique flavours of goats cheese compliments the chilli like Matt Preston’s cravat compliments his get-up. A bit like our chilli crackers, this kind of cheese doesn’t like standing in the wings - it claims centre stage, a bedazzled mic and the spotlight. Oh and if you don’t like goats cheese… well, figure it out yourself, we’re sick of doing the hard work.

Okay, we’re done here. Go and bury your hands in a stash of our crackers until your heart’s content.


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